Plushy Pet Bed


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Great Health Starts With Great Sleep

Our Plushy Pet Bed calms your pet by simulating their mother’s comfort. This mentally triggers a sense of security and reduces vulnerable stress on their heart and mind.

Relieve your Pets’ Anxiety & Aches

Stop discomfort, give them a place they will love to rest and recover. Our beds are made thick and supportive, with more filling than competitors to give your pet the best in comfort & pain relief so they can feel safe, happy, and healthy every day and night.

Give Your Pet The Best Sleep Of Their Life

Stop them panicking and waking the whole house at night. Super soft and comfy, your dog will love snuggling, nestling, sprawling, burrowing, and curling up in their Plushy Pet Bed for a night of deep sleep.

Quick & Easy to Clean

No one likes pet bed that get destroyed in the wash. Our beds are quick and easy to clean, washing machine and dryer friendly, just put in the washing machine, comes out as soft as you first bought it, washes and fluffs up like new every time.